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Routing bits work with cut-out tools to cut drywall and other materials. They look like and spin like twist drill bits but cut with their sides. They are used to cut along a straightedge, make curved freehand cuts, and trace the shape of electrical boxes, panels, and frames to make cutouts. The bits fit into a collet in the cut-out tool's spindle. Bits with a cutting tip have a sharp point for drilling into and cutting through material. They are typically used when cutting off lengths of material. Bits with a noncutting tip have a smooth, dull end (also called a guidepoint) that rides a box, panel, or frame without cutting into it. They reduce the risk of damage to underlying surfaces or objects behind the material being cut.

Additional Information

Weight0.0320  kg
Width44  mm
Height101.600  mm
Length13.716  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginUSA 
Bit Diameter (in)1/8" 
Pack Quantity4 per pack 
Bit Diameter (mm)3.175 mm 


Bosch TC4 Tilecut Zipbit, 4 Pack

Bosch TC4 Tilecut Zipbit, 4 Pack

GTIN : 720361006106


SKU : kpt010-TC4


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