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RotoZip has combined expert knowledge with the latest technology to create the most versatile spiral cutting tool on the market - the RotoSaw™. The compact, lightweight construction and ergonomic body are specifically designed to tackle plunge and freehand cuts in nearly any building material. The 5.5 Amp, 30,000 RPM MagnaCore Motor offers best in class power to weight ratio. The RotoSaw is compatible with all XBits®, Zip®Bits and XCores as well as the Circle Cutter Guide and the Dust Management Kit. Control any cut with the RotoZip RotoSaw.

  • RotoSaw™ , 3 Collets, 2 Bits
  • Bump switch quickly and conveniently powers the tool with one-hand
  • Dual grip zones provide superior comfort and control in horizontal and vertical positions
  • Serviceable motor brushes help extend tool life
  • Exhaust vents direct debris away from the tool maintaining a clear line of sight
  • Compatible accessories: Zip®Bits, XBits®, XCores
  • Compatible Attachments: Dust Management Kit, Circle Cutter Guide
  • 5.5 Amp, 30,000 RPM MagnaCore Motor offers best in class power to weight ratio
  • Spiral cutting allows you to make plunge cuts, freehand cuts, cut-outs and more
  • RotoSaw Spiral Saw Tool
  • Guidepoint ZipBits (1)
  • Sabercut ZipBits (1)
  • 1/8", 5/32" 1/4" Collets

Additional Information

Cord Length6 ft 
Service Baretool NumbersF012BS05AA 
Weight1.4380  kg
Width127  mm
Height88.900  mm
Length241  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20211115 
Country of OriginMexico 
AttachmentsRotoZip CRCT4 RotoZip DM5 
Maximum RPM - No Load30000 
Speed30,000 RPM 
AccessoriesRotoZip TC1 RotoZip XC-T750 RotoZip XB-LF1 RotoZip XB-LF1 RotoZip XB-MPGP2 RotoZip SC4 RotoZip XB-TC1 RotoZip XB-MC1 RotoZip XB-MC1 RotoZip XB-DC1 RotoZip XB-OWD1 RotoZip XB-UL1 RotoZip XC-T1000 RotoZip XB-MP2 RotoZip XB-FT1 RotoZip XB-DW2 RotoZip XC-T1375 RotoZip XB-GR125 RotoZip XB-GR250 RotoZip ZB8 RotoZip ZB8 RotoZip GP8 RotoZip XB-FTH1 RotoZip WD1 RotoZip WD1 RotoZip XB-MPDM2 RotoZip FBR1 


Bosch SS355-10 120V Spiral Saw Kit

Bosch SS355-10 120V Spiral Saw Kit

GTIN : 720361005963


SKU : kpt010-SS355-10


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