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This comprehensive routing kit with over 52-1/2 feet (16 m) of length gives you five different rod flexibility choices. Combined with our extensive range of attachments, this is the ''must have'' kit for anyone working with wire and cable. Each rod is made of Adoxim 5®, the only rod material specifically designed to reduce splintering and increase flexibility. Expect to save approximately 3 hours a week with a payback time within 2 weeks.

  • Great cable pulling kit for datacom/communication/safety installation as well as typical renovations
  • Splinter resistant rods combine for a total length of 52-Foot (16 m)
  • Five rod flexibilities and fifteen innovative attachments
  • Durable brass fittings on the end of each rod are mechanically crimped to carry a load of 550-Pound (250 kg)
  • Three swivel rods accept twists in your cable run
  • 13 Rods included: three 1/4-Inch (0.6 cm) black 3-1/3-Foot (1 m) long rods; six 3/16-Inch (0.5 cm) red 3-1/3-Foot (1 m) rods; three 1/64-Inch (0.4 cm) yellow 3-1/3-Foot (1 m) rods; one 3/16-Inch (0.5 cm) nylon 3-1/3-Foot (1 m) rod
  • 3 Swivel Rods included: one 3/16-Inch (0.5 cm) red 3-1/3-Foot (1 m) rod; one 1/64-Inch (0.4 cm) yellow 3-1/3-Foot (1 m) rod; 3/16-Inch (0.5 cm) glow swivel 3-1/3-Foot (1 m) rod
  • 12 Attachments included: Domed Bullet; Flat Bullet; Gender Change Adapter; Strong Magnet; Lighted Tip; Chain; two Super Grips; Tough Hook; Mini Eye and Ring; Flex Lead; and Super Flex Lead
  • 5 Glow Attachments included: Glow Domed Bullet; Glow Mini Eye; Glow Claw; Glow Domed Eye; Glow Mini Hook
  • 1 Durable carrying tube for storing the kit

Additional Information

Type:Fish Rod
Application:Wire Pulling
Special Features:Splinter Resistant
Overall Length:52" (16 m)
Overall Width:4"" (10.2 cm)
Included:(13) Rods, (3) Swivel Rods, (12) Attachments, (5) Glow Attachments, (1) Carrying Tube
Weight:2.8 lb (1.3 kg)

Klein Tools

Klein Tools SRS56981 Mega Fish Rod Kit, 52.5-Foot, 34-Piece

Klein Tools SRS56981 Mega Fish Rod Kit, 52.5-Foot, 34-Piece

GTIN : 092644569814

MPN : SRS56981

SKU : kpt036-SRS56981


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