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  • Sandpaper accessory allows the Multi-Max to sand wood, metal, plaster and a variety of other surfaces
  • Use 60 grit for rough wood or metal sanding, and rust or old finish removal
  • Use 120 grit for general wood or metal sanding
  • Use 240 grit for final finishing of wood, metal, plaster and other surfaces
  • Sandpaper accessory allows the Multi-Max to be used for sanding hardwood, softwood, chipboard, rusted metal, fiberglass and plastics. Requires MM14 hook and loop pad accessory. Universal Quick-Fit system allows this blade to fit nearly every oscillating tool on the market.
  • Work with the complete surface of the sanding pad, not only the tip., Corners may be finished using the tip or edge of the selected accessory, which should occasionally be rotated during use to distribute the wear on the accessory and backing pad surface., Do not apply excessive pressure let the tool do the work., Always be certain that smaller workpieces are securely fastened to a bench or other support.

Additional Information

Weight0.0410  kg
Width101.600  mm
Height16.764  mm
Length142.875  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginMexico 
Used on Model No.MM11 and MM14 
Related ProductsDremel MM14 
Size3.21 In 
Quantity2 of each grit 
Grit60, 120, 240 


Bosch MM70W 60, 120, And 240 Grit Paper - Bare Wood (6Pcs)

Bosch MM70W 60, 120, And 240 Grit Paper - Bare Wood (6Pcs)

GTIN : 80596028626


SKU : kpt010-MM70W


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