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  • 3 Bags
  • Bags only for Bosch 3931A-PB vacuum cleaner
  • Ideal for concrete work; unlike paper bags, there are no pores for dust to pass through or clog
  • Exceptionally tear-resistant
  • Holds more than 20x the amount of dust as paper bags

Additional Information

Weight0.3860  kg
Width304.800  mm
Height25  mm
Length323.850  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginGermany 
Used on Model No.3931A-PB Vacuum Cleaner Only 
Related ProductsBosch 3931A-PBH Bosch VAC013 Bosch VAC022 Bosch 3931A-PB 
Fits Tool ModelBosch 3931A-PB Only 


Bosch VAC023 Plastic Bags For 3931A-Pb (Pack Of 3)

Bosch VAC023 Plastic Bags For 3931A-Pb (Pack Of 3)

GTIN : 000346408140


SKU : kpt010-VAC023


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