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Flexible vacuum hoses bend around obstacles and under equipment or furnishing without losing suction. They connect to vacuums to provide flexibility for picking up dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas.

Additional Information

Weight1.6920  kg
Width273  mm
Height260  mm
Length381  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220104 
Country of OriginGermany 
AttachmentsBosch RA1177AT Bosch RA1173AT Bosch VAC004 Bosch RS006 Bosch ROS65VCL Bosch RA1175 Bosch VAC003 Bosch ROS20VSK Bosch RA1176AT Bosch ROS65VC-6 Bosch PL1682 Bosch PLH181K Bosch VAC018 Bosch OSC002 Bosch 1594K Bosch OS50VC Bosch JA1007 Bosch JS572EL Bosch VAC011 Bosch RA1054 Bosch VAC017 Bosch RA1172AT Bosch JS572EBL Bosch 3931A-PB Bosch ROS65VC-5 Bosch 2608190038 Bosch JA1009 Bosch PR012 Bosch ROS20VSC Bosch JA1012 Bosch 2605702022 Bosch ROS10 Bosch 1250DEVS Bosch 2608190039 Bosch PR007 Bosch OSC003 Bosch JA1005 
Fits Tool ModelFor use with tools PL1682, PL1632, PL2632, 53514, 53518, PLH181, 3365, GSS20-40, OS50VC, ROS10, ROS20VS, ROS65VC, 1250DEVS, 1274DVS, 1275DVS, 1276D, 1276DVS, 1278DVS, 1294VS, 1370EVS, 1773A, 1775E 


Bosch VAC005 35Mm 16.4 Ft. Standard (Friction-Fit) Vacuum Hose

Bosch VAC005 35Mm 16.4 Ft. Standard (Friction-Fit) Vacuum Hose

GTIN : 000346334241


SKU : kpt010-VAC005


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