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(1) T101AO, (1) T101C, (1) T101BR, (1) T101BIF, (1) T101BF

(1) T101AO, (1) T101C, (1) T101BR, (1) T101BIF, (1) T101BF

Multiple blade types designed for cutting laminate and wood, including high-performance blades for optimal results

Reverse pitch clean for wood features unique reverse-tooth design that produces clean top surfaces with minimal splintering

Special for laminate used for straight or gently curved cuts in laminate flooring and other abrasive materials

Clean for wood features pointed teeth reduce splintering on both sides of the workpiece

Clean for hard wood designed for clean, straight cuts in hardwood, OSB and plywood

Pro set includes blades a T101AO Reverse Pitch Clean for Wood, a T101C Basic for Wood, a T101BR Clean for Wood, a T101BIF Laminate and a T101BF Clean for Hardwood

T-shank design provides maximum grip and stability, which fits over 90% of current jig saw makes and models

Additional Information

Weight0.0330  kg
Width82.550  mm
Height2  mm
Length171  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginSwitzerland 
Case TypeNo Case Included 
Blade TypeJig Saw Blades 
Number of Pieces


Bosch TPW005 5 Pc Pro Wood T-Shnk Jsb Set

Bosch TPW005 5 Pc Pro Wood T-Shnk Jsb Set

GTIN : 000346659368


SKU : kpt010-TPW005


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