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(2) T118A, (2) T118B, (2) T119BO, (2) T101B, (2) T144D, (1) T128BHM

Multiple blade types designed for cutting Laminate/Wood/Metal including high-performance blades for optimal results

Premium T128BHM blade has carbide welding technology, providing 10X life versus standard Bi-Metal blades

Bi-directional tooth geometry on T128BHM provides clean cuts on both sides of cutting surface, ideal for high-pressure laminate

Robust storage case provides durable storage and transport, along with extra storage for additional blades

T-shank design provides maximum grip and stability, which fits over 90% of current jig saw makes and models

High-durability teeth provide a sharp, long-lasting cutting edge

Additional Information

Weight0.1320  kg
Width124  mm
Height13  mm
Length168  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginSwitzerland 
Case TypePlastic 
Blade TypeWood, Metal and Laminate cutting Jig saw Blades 
Number of Pieces11 


Bosch T11C Jsb Set 11 Pc

Bosch T11C Jsb Set 11 Pc

GTIN : 000346640359


SKU : kpt010-T11C


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