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(1) StarlockMax® Oscillating Multi-Tool Carbide 60 Grit Delta Sanding Pad

Carbide grit delta sanding pad supplies long life and fast removal rate. It delivers professional performance in demanding applications such as sanding in wood, painted wood and thinset. It offers up to 100X lifetime performance versus traditional sandpaper and sanding pads, with up to 300% higher

Dust-extraction holes allow for use with vacuum systems to maximize sanding efficiency, extend sanding-pad life and create a cleaner work environment

Varied grit size Available in varied grit size, including 20 grit (OSM450CR2), 40 grit (OSM450CR4), 60 grit (OSM450CR6), and 100 grit (OSM450CR10)

Large delta-shaped surface area provides increased coverage, with less work to finish time-consuming jobs

Torque transfer features a three-dimensional fit designed for high torque transfer, reduced vibration and better performance

Blade compatibility engineered exclusively for StarlockMax® multi-tools due to power requirements

Industrial-grade Swiss-made blade manufactured with premium materials and innovative engineering

Sanding applications in wood, wood with paint and thinset

Additional Information

Blade MaterialCarbide 
Blade Size4-1/2" 
Weight0.0830  kg
Width139.700  mm
Height7  mm
Length184  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginSwitzerland 
Used on Model No.Fits most major brands 
Blade Length4.31 
Blade Thickness0.03" 
Blade Width4.58 


Bosch OSM450CR6 4-1/2" Cg Delta Pad 60G

Bosch OSM450CR6 4-1/2" Cg Delta Pad 60G

GTIN : 000346627428


SKU : kpt010-OSM450CR6


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