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Customized dust hood easy and securely locks on to Bosch MX30E, MXH180, GOP12V-28, GOP18 V-28, GOP40-30, and GOP55-36 Oscillating Multi-Tools

Dust extraction provides better productivity by minimizing the regrinding of sanding dust

Versatile vacuum hose connection hood connects directly with Bosch and other 22 mm and 35 mm vacuum hoses; included VAC024 adapter accepts 1-1/4 In. and 1-1/2 In. vacuum hoses

Designed for sanding only cannot be used with cutting, grinding or scraping accessories and applications

Additional Information

Weight0.1270  kg
Width196.850  mm
Height304.800  mm
Length40.640  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginGermany 
AttachmentsBosch VAC090A Bosch VAC025 Bosch VAC090AH Bosch VAC140S Bosch VAC024 Bosch VAC006 Bosch 3931A-PB Bosch VH1622A Bosch VAC090S Bosch VAC140A Bosch VH1035 Bosch VAC009 Bosch VX120 Bosch VAC021 Bosch VAC005 Bosch VAC140AH Bosch VH1635A Bosch VAC007 Bosch VH1022 Bosch VH1635 
Used on Model No.GOP12V-28, GOP18V-28, GOP40-30, GOP55-36, MX30E, MXH180, VAC005, VAC006, VAC007, VAC008, VAC009, VAC010, VAC024, VAC025, VH1635, VH1635A, VH1622A, VH1035, VH1022, VX120, VAC140S, VAC140A, VAC140AH, VAC090S, VAC090A, VAC090AH 


Bosch OSC005 Dust Hood For Gop/Mxh/Mx30E Omts

Bosch OSC005 Dust Hood For Gop/Mxh/Mx30E Omts

GTIN : 000346489804


SKU : kpt010-OSC005


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