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Nail-killing wood-boring bit design Å“ adds extreme durability to Bosch speed for nail-embedded wood

Reinforced reamer cutting edges Å“ make this bit the first wood-boring bit to drill through nails

Optimized for wood and some wood with nails Å“ combines superior drill speed with engineered nail-cutting durability

Fully threaded cone tip Å“ pulls the bit through wood quickly and effortlessly

Contoured paddle design Å“ increases speed with faster chip removal

Hex shank Å“ improves bit grip and allows use with a variety of drill types

Premium bit material Å“ combined with innovation for great performance and life

Additional Information

Weight0.5990  kg
Width251  mm
Height265  mm
Length33  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginChina 
Case TypePouch 
Number of Pieces


Bosch NS5006 6Pc Bosch Nail Strike Set

Bosch NS5006 6Pc Bosch Nail Strike Set

GTIN : 000346632637


SKU : kpt010-NS5006


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