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(2) Impact Tough 2 In. Torx® #20 Power Bits

Impact Tough design provides 10X life over standard bits, with an Xtended Torsion Zone, hardened core and precision tip

Xtended Torsion Zone helps to absorb the torque peaks of impact drivers to avoid breakage

Precision-engineered bit tips deliver a better fit and less cam-out

Heat-treated bit manufacturing provides stronger bit

Hex interface made to fit 1/4 In. hex impact drivers

Hardened-core manufacturing increases bit strength

High-quality forged steel supplies durability for long accessory life

Laser-etched markings lasts for the life of bit, and theyre easier to read


Additional Information

Weight0.0180  kg
Width46  mm
Height7  mm
Length124  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220104 
Country of OriginVietnam 
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HardnessImpact Tough 


Bosch ITT20202 Impact Tough T20 2" 2Pk

Bosch ITT20202 Impact Tough T20 2" 2Pk

GTIN : 000346638455


SKU : kpt010-ITT20202


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