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Latest diffusion-bonding technology Å“ provides 5X life vs. competition, for the strongest bond available

Four-cutter head design Å“ provides 180° cutting diameter and 100% power transfer during drilling

Four symmetrical 90° side angles Å“ create a wide and sharp tip to aggressively cut through tough material like concrete with rebar

Active-centering tip Å“ results in rounder holes for precision-anchoring applications, with a wear mark to help deliver precision hole-diameter tolerance

Bosch-made carbide Å“ advances consistent, quality material; the only concrete bit manufacturer to make its own carbide

Four-flute design Å“ aggressively pull dust away from the work, keeping the bit tip cooler for longer bit life

Long-lasting SDS-max® drill bit design Å“ manufactured with 100% carbide head and four-cutter design, making it the long-lasting bit for drilling in reinforced concrete and hard aggregate

Additional Information

Weight0.6170  kg
Width41.910  mm
Height635  mm
Length22  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220104 
Country of OriginGermany 
Useable Length16" 


Bosch HCFC5021 Sds-Max Speed Xtreme 5/8 X16X21

Bosch HCFC5021 Sds-Max Speed Xtreme 5/8 X16X21

GTIN : 000346626957


SKU : kpt010-HCFC5021


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