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  • 1 Bit
  • Optimized brazing and hardening process for long life
  • 15% faster in concrete (compared to S4L)
  • Bosch-made carbide tip is tougher and more durable under heavy loads
  • Proprietary Bosch hardening process results in more holes per bit
  • Ideal for anchoring and through-hole applications in concrete

Additional Information

Weight0.0430  kg
Width41  mm
Height203  mm
Length12.700  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginGermany 
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Useable Length2" 


Bosch HC2000 Bulldog Sds-Plus® Shank Bit 2 Ct 5/32" X 2" X 4"

Bosch HC2000 Bulldog Sds-Plus® Shank Bit 2 Ct 5/32" X 2" X 4"

GTIN : 000346280326


SKU : kpt010-HC2000


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