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(1) 1-1/4 In. Bi-Metal M42 Hole Saw

Professional hole saw design Å“ features improved durability, clean performance and easier plug removal in multiple materials

Enhanced M42 alloy Å“ contains 8% cobalt alloy to withstand high-temperature applications and deliver 20% more life, and it is stronger for cleaner cuts

Triangle slot design Å“ improves efficiency of plug removal and reduces heat due to triangle shark tooth shape

Progressor tooth design Å“ hole saws feature alternating teeth size for performance, cutting faster and lasting longer in wood, metal and plastic materials

Reinforced shoulders Å“ provide added strength and longer life to the hole saws

Deeper cup Å“ can drill through thicker materials, for more applications in such materials as wood, drywall, metal and plastic

Versatile Å“ works with standard arbors and is ideal to pair with a SpinLOCK Universal arbor (sold separately)

Additional Information

Weight0.1230  kg
Width59  mm
Height44.700  mm
Length152  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginChina 
Used on Model No.HBT125 
Number of Pieces
Teeth Per Inch5 Teeth Per Inch 


Bosch HBT125 1-1/4" Bim Tri Hole Saw

Bosch HBT125 1-1/4" Bim Tri Hole Saw

GTIN : 000346663532


SKU : kpt010-HBT125


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