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Charge-status Indicator battery includes a high-resolution charge status indicator

Engineered exclusively for high-demand tools compatible with PROFACTOR rotary hammers, grinders, circular saws and more, PROFACTOR Exclusive Batteries are incompatible with non-PROFACTOR tools

Charger Power-Boost mode boosts electrical current charging CORE18V 4.0 Ah and CORE18V 8.0 Ah to 50% in the shortest time

Active air-cooling for charger uses two fans to cool battery, optimizing charging time while protecting batteries from overheating

Connectivity (module sold separately) Link to connected device via Bosch Toolbox App for battery health, charge level and additional charge modes

Two additional charging modes available on Toolbox App offers Max Lifetime mode and Storage mode maximizing lifetime of the battery

Charger-status indicator Indicates charger ready, charging prohibited and charger connected

Battery-charging-indicator on charger Five LED indicator provides charging status

PROFACTOR System the CORE18V PROFACTOR Exclusive battery and GAL18V-160C Hell-ion turbo charger are the ideal solution reducing downtime and increasing productivity for users tackling the most demanding and brutal applications

Endurance 12.0 Ah CORE18V PROFACTOR Exclusive Battery delivers at least 50% more runtime than CORE18V 8.0 Ah PROFACTOR Performance Battery

Corded power battery engineered exclusively for PROFACTOR tools delivering power comparable to high-demand corded tools

High-power, Hell-ion turbo charger provides 16-amp fast charging

High-power Li-ion cells feature 21700 cells, supplying corded-comparable power and extended runtime

Bosch-exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology cools the battery 15% faster and provides 135% longer lifetime compared to non-CoolPack Bosch 18V Lithium-ion batteries

Cutting-edge battery design includes copper end plates, power rails and a flexible circuit board for reduced resistance and increased efficiency

Battery weighs only 3.04 Lbs. provides performance comparable to larger and heavier alternatives

Additional Information

Cord Length0 ft 
Weight4.0420  kg
Width260  mm
Height82.550  mm
Length260  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginMalaysia 
Battery Life12 
Ah Capacity12 


Bosch GXS18V-18N27 18V Kit W/2X12.0Ah Corebats

Bosch GXS18V-18N27 18V Kit W/2X12.0Ah Corebats

GTIN : 000346649260


SKU : kpt010-GXS18V-18N27


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