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The Bosch GWX13-60 6 In. X-LOCK angle grinder features the X-LOCK mount, offering a wheel change that's up to five times faster than conventional interfaces. Theres an audible snap when mounting an X-LOCK wheel on an X-LOCK grinder. The wheel mounts properly without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts. The wheel is released from the grinder with the pull of a lever. The angle grinder delivers 13 amps of power, producing 9,300 rpm. Equipped with epoxy-coated field windings and direct-motor cooling, this grinder is built for a longer tool life. It features spiral bevel gears for smooth transmission of power. For added convenience, it is equipped with a Vibration Control auxiliary handle, constant electronics, KickBack Control and an adjustable tool-free guard.


  • (1) GWX13-60 6 In. X-LOCK Ergonomic Angle Grinder, (1) Vibration Control Auxiliary Handle, (1) Grinding Wheel Guard, (1) Cutoff Guard
  • Powerful grinder design engineered with the X-LOCK mount and a 13-amp motor producing up to 9,300 rpm
  • X-LOCK wheel change features click-in mounting and grinder lever wheel release for change-out that's up to five times faster
  • Tool-free disc swap the wheel mounts properly without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts for no losable parts
  • Epoxy-coated field windings extend motor lifetime by preventing dust and debris from penetrating the motor windings
  • Spiral bevel gears provide smooth transmission of power to grinding applications
  • Directed air flow channels air through motor to cool key components
  • Vibration Control auxiliary handle reduces vibration for improved user comfort and control
  • Adjustable tool-free guard designed with multiple fixed-adjustment settings to allow the user to position the guard in a variety of working angles
  • Constant electronics helps maintain constant rpm under load
  • KickBack Control helps shut off the tool if the wheel gets in a bind situation
  • Service Minder brushes eliminates guesswork, stopping grinder when preventative maintenance is required


  • (1) GWX13-60 6 In. X-LOCK Angle Grinder
  • (1) Vibration Control Auxiliary Handle
  • (1) Grinding Wheel Guard
  • (1) Cut-Off Wheel Guard


Bosch GWX13-60 6" X-LOCK® Angle Grinder - 13 Amp

Bosch GWX13-60 6" X-LOCK® Angle Grinder - 13 Amp

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