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(1) GLI12V-300N 12V Max LED Worklight

Convenient 12 V Max worklight design features a light, compact size but delivers illumination for work areas with long runtime

Great runtime delivers 180 minutes of runtime for every amp hour (Ah) that the Bosch 12 V Max battery provides

Six powerful LED lights supply bright light (300 lumens) for dark work areas

Flexible six-sided shape provides six ways of angling the light as needed

Hanging hook allows light to be easily mounted or positioned from above

Compatible and versatile works with all Bosch 12 V Max Li-ion batteries

Bare tool battery and charger are sold separately

Additional Information

Service Baretool Numbers3601DA1011 
Weight0.2990  kg
Width196.850  mm
Height260  mm
Length78.740  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220103 
Country of OriginChina 
AttachmentsBosch SKC120-102 Bosch BAT415 Bosch BC430 Bosch BC430A Bosch BAT411 Bosch BAT411A Bosch BAT414 Bosch BAT420 Bosch SKC120-03 Bosch BAT412A Bosch BC330 Bosch SKC120-202L Bosch BAT413A 
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Bosch GLI12V-300N 12V Led Stick Light

Bosch GLI12V-300N 12V Led Stick Light

GTIN : 000346493788


SKU : kpt010-GLI12V-300N


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