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Fiber disc designed for backing pad with an X-LOCK mount Å“ offers a faster, fixed mount and high-quality Zirconia grit

X-LOCK wheel change Å“ features snap-on mounting and grinder lever wheel release for change-out that's up to five times faster

Tool-free disc swap Å“ features an audible snap when mounted, without a spanner wrench or a flange nut

Backward compatible Å“ Bosch X-LOCK fiber discs are backward compatible with standard 7/8 In. arbor mounts

Zirconia grit Å“ specially formulated with Zirconia grit for speed and durability

Application focused Å“ ideal for metal surface finishing, weld blending and rust removal

Precision manufacturing Å“ optimized discs for less vibration and improved material removal speed

Metal finishing

Additional Information

Weight0.4760  kg
Width134.950  mm
Height152  mm
Length58.750  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220104 
Country of OriginTurkey 
Max. RPM13,300 
Grit60 grit, zirconia 


Bosch FBX4560 Fiber Disc 4.5" X 60 Grit 25Pk

Bosch FBX4560 Fiber Disc 4.5" X 60 Grit 25Pk

GTIN : 000346642919


SKU : kpt010-FBX4560


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