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  • Designed for perfectly smooth, flat-bottomed and splinter-free holes, even in end-grain and through knots
  • Ideal for drilling decorative holes for fine woodworking and hinge boring
  • Chrome-steel alloy construction allows the bits to withstand high temperatures during drilling, reducing the risk of burning
  • Brad point centers bit for easy positioning of hole
  • Suitable for portable drills or stationary machines

Additional Information

Weight0.1130  kg
Width82.550  mm
Height158.750  mm
Length34  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220104 
Country of OriginChina 
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Quantity1 bit 


Bosch FB020 Forstner Bit, 1-1/4"

Bosch FB020 Forstner Bit, 1-1/4"

GTIN : 000346179804


SKU : kpt010-FB020


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