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Bosch Diamond Cup Wheels are specially designed with high-quality industrial diamonds for premium lifetime and surface finish. These cup wheels are standard market height and can be used for a wide range of applications in dry concrete and masonry grinding from aggressive material removal, leveling, waterproofing preparation and more. The diamond matrix is specially formulated for dry-concrete-grinding applications. As the diamond matrix wears down, new diamond grit is exposed to provide long life. The 5/8 In.-11 threaded arbor allows for a tool-free, spin-on attachment to the grinder. Each wheel features a precision-balanced steel body, which reduces wobble and vibration for control over material removal and a smoother finish. The double-row segmented cup wheels are ideal for fast material removal in concrete grinding . The turbo-row cup wheels provide a smoother finish for floors, walls, ceilings and more.

  • Specialized diamond matrix matrix wears throughout usage, continuously exposing fresh diamond grit
  • Double-row segmented cup design ideal for fast material removal in concrete grinding
  • Height optimized market-standard height allows for compatibility with a range of concrete surfacing dust shrouds
  • Precision balanced reduces wobble and vibration
  • Five-hole design allows for optimal cooling and dust collection
  • Tool-free attachment features a 5/8 In.-11 threaded arbor that allows for a tool-free, spin-on attachment
  • Quality manufacturing features high-quality materials for durability
  • General purpose, fast removal
  • (1) 4-1/2 In. Double Row Segmented Diamond Cup Wheel

Additional Information

Arbor 5/8"-11 Hub
Arbor Size 5/8" - 11
Blade Thickness 1.2"
Weight 0.4350  kg
Width 167.640  mm
Height 210.820  mm
Length 11.963  mm
Quantity 1
Material Status Active
Date of Valid Distribution Status 20220104
Country of Origin China


Bosch DC4510HD 4.5" DOUBLE ROW DIA CUP WHL 5/8"-11

Bosch DC4510HD 4.5" DOUBLE ROW DIA CUP WHL 5/8"-11

GTIN : 000346642650


SKU : kpt010-DC4510HD


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