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High-quality diamond mix Å“ includes smaller diamonds for an extra clean cut

High-grade metal powders Å“ feature a very soft bond for smooth cuts; requires wet cutting

Tensioned steel core Å“ delivers straight smooth cuts with low wobble

Rapido Å“ means free cutting in tile using best materials and leading-edge engineering

Application focused Å“ these blades are fine-tuned specifically to provide clean cuts in glass tile

Precision manufacturing Å“ optimized blades for reduced vibration and improved blade life

Designed for wet cutting only

Glass and ceramic tile

Additional Information

Weight0.5260  kg
Width304.800  mm
Height349  mm
Length7.620  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220104 
Country of OriginIndonesia 


Bosch DB1069 10" X 5/8" Cont Rim Glass Tiles

Bosch DB1069 10" X 5/8" Cont Rim Glass Tiles

GTIN : 000346480016


SKU : kpt010-DB1069


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