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1 Type 1A cutting wheel

Designed for use with cutoff machines

Type 1A straight wheel for cutting

Used at a 90-degree angle

Use for metal stud and stainless cutting

Designed for cutting only, no grinding

Aluminum oxide grain cuts high-tensile strength materials without excessive fracturing

Not to exceed 4,400 RPM

Metal stud / stainless cutting

Additional Information

Weight0.4940  kg
Width355.600  mm
Height3  mm
Length355.600  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20211227 
Country of OriginChina 
Wheel Diameter14" x 3/32" 
Previous Material Number2610928930 
Max. RPM4,400 
Diameter14" x 3/32" 
Blade Thickness0.09375" 
Grit36 grit, aluminum oxide grain 


Bosch CWCS1M14SC Stud Cutting T41 14X3/32X1,As

Bosch CWCS1M14SC Stud Cutting T41 14X3/32X1,As

GTIN : 000346349009


SKU : kpt010-CWCS1M14SC


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