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Bosch Stationary Band Saw Blades help get the job done cleanly and quickly. They deliver durability and high performance. They are constructed with premium materials that resist heat buildup for longer life. The blades come in lengths to fit most common stationary band saw sizes. Bosch uses advanced laser-cutting technology to manufacture each blade to exacting specification for durability and high performance. These blades include an optimized tooth geometry for corresponding applications including metal, wood, scroll, fast and general-purpose cutting.

  • Engineered for wood cutting optimized for scroll cutting in wood
  • Durable blade design combines material and processes to deliver a blade that is designed to material and application
  • Premium materials constructed with quality materials, helping to resist heat buildup for long blade life
  • Optimized tooth geometry provides cuts specific to material and application
  • Advanced laser-cutting technology used to manufacture each blade to exacting specifications
  • Built to fit designed for use in many standard stationary band saws
  • Scroll
  • (1) 59-1/2 In. 14 TPI General Purpose Stationary Band Saw Blade

Additional Information

Material Wood
Quantity 1
Material Status Active
Date of Valid Distribution Status 20221028
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Country of Origin USA
Blade Length 59.5
Blade Thickness 0.018"
Blade Width 0.13
Thickness .018"
Weight 0.0490  kg
Width 172.720  mm
Height 15  mm
Length 196.850  mm


Bosch BS5912-14WA 59-1/2 x 1/8 x 14T WOOD BSB

Bosch BS5912-14WA 59-1/2 x 1/8 x 14T WOOD BSB

GTIN : 000346673890


SKU : kpt010-BS5912-14WA


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