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Tap and drill bit combo provides a secure method of drilling the proper hole size before cutting right-hand internal threads

Plug taps engineered for cutting right-hand internal threads

Included drill bit is matched to tap for correct size, with a no-skate tip for accurate hole starts

Heat-treated carbon steel tap provides superior durability and speed

Rolled tap threads deliver more accuracy and are cleaner than machined threads

Rust and tarnish resistant tap design provides greater durability and accuracy

Laser-etched marking on tap ensures size identification and won't wear off

Additional Information

Weight0.0090  kg
Width45.771  mm
Height4.826  mm
Length148.717  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20211221 
Country of OriginChina 
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Number of Pieces
Tap Size4-40 NC 
TypeMachine screw 


Bosch BDT440 4-40 Tap No 43 Drill Combo Cd

Bosch BDT440 4-40 Tap No 43 Drill Combo Cd

GTIN : 000346622164


SKU : kpt010-BDT440


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