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  • Micrograin carbide-tip router bit design ensures consistently smooth finish cuts, with superior wear resistance
  • Dovetail bit creates half blind, through and sliding dovetails for drawer and box construction used with fixtures or guides
  • Control cut design helps minimize kickback
  • Reinforced shanks feature fully hardened and tempered steel shanks that provide ultimate durability
  • Upgraded micrograin carbide engineered for precise cuts and for long bit life
  • Bosch-exclusive heat-treating process provides hardness and withstands high temperatures
  • Comprehensive line of bits features hundreds of profiles for mortising, edge forming, trimming, surface forming, and cabinetry/joinery in wood, plastic and laminate

Additional Information

Weight0.0730  kg
Width45.720  mm
Height124  mm
Length48.768  mm
Material StatusActive 
Date of Valid Distribution Status20220104 
Country of OriginTaiwan 
Number of Flutes


Bosch 84703MC Ct 14 Deg Dovetail 2F 1/4S (Watch Box Packaging)

Bosch 84703MC Ct 14 Deg Dovetail 2F 1/4S (Watch Box Packaging)

GTIN : 000346352269


SKU : kpt010-84703MC


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