Tough Jobs need Heavy Duty Teammates – powered by Bosch

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Tough Jobs need Heavy Duty Teammates – powered by Bosch

Fein Bevel or a Grinder

They produce high-quality tools guaranteeing durability and strength. No doubt the Fein grinders are a class apart product but the way a Bevel helps a metal worker is an undeniable fact. Polishing and refining edges with the grinders is time-consuming and the effort it takes tires the worker not only physically but also mentally.

Using FLEXVOLT technology

A saw combines the power of a corded circular saw with the mobility and convenience of a cordless saw thanks to groundbreaking DeWALT FLEXVOLT technology. A Circular Saw with electric brake. With a no-load speed of 5800 RPM (Rotations Per Minute).,

Kpaul Tools supply Bosch manufactured Power Tools for professionals in construction work. You need power in your hands to carry out tasks at the toughest job sites to meet the work challenges. Thus, you can count on Bosch Professional heavy-duty tools that become an inseparable part of you at your work. These are durable and provide the power you need while at work when combined with the right accessories. 

There are many metal working tools manufactured by Bosch. Here is a brief explanation of tools used in different applications at Construction site. 

Boring Concrete Holes 

With the appropriate accessories, Bosch Professional rotary hammers excel in these kinds of applications, whether drilling holes or breaking through hardened concrete. Choose the cordless models now all available online or visit in-store if you require freedom of movement! Attach the tools to Bosch Dust Extraction Solutions, like Wet/Dry Extractor - GAS 35L AFC as well as System Accessories – GDE 68, GDE 18V- 16, which operate at the source of the dust, to limit the health concerns associated with the fine dust becoming airborne. 

Drilling Concrete  

  • Impact Drill - GSB 13 RE 
  • Rotary Hammer with SDS plus – GBH 3-28 DRE, GBH 4-32 DFR 
  • SYSTEM Accessories – GDE 68, GDE 18V-16 

Cutting & grinding with small angle grinders 

The Bosch Professional small angle grinders are the best option for you if your industry calls for a variety of uses. They offer sufficient power to accomplish cutting and grinding, regardless of the power source, be it corded or cordless, and they also include the following helpful features: 

  • Speed control for sensitive and expensive materials like stainless steel and other alloys during grinding and finishing. 
  • By switching attachments more quickly and easily, the X-LOCK innovation enables you to transition between various grinding and cutting applications in a matter of seconds. 
  • If the tool jams or reverses, safety measures like Kickback Control prevent operator injury, and Drop Control for when the tool is dropped. 

We provide a wide range of adaptable angle grinders for professional users, whether they are cutting or grinding. 

  • Cordless Angle Grinder – GWS 180-LI  
  • Angle Grinder – GWS 12-125 S, GWS9-125 S, GWS 750-125 

Extraction of dust 

Although it is necessary to wear respiratory protective equipment while working on a construction site, this is only the second line of defense. You must make every effort to drastically minimize the amount of dust in the air. Even tiny dust that is undetectable to the naked eye cannot escape the Bosch Professional line of dust extraction systems. They operate just where the dust is produced and can be connected to a variety of Bosch Professional products that are compatible. 

Dust extraction tools 

  • Wet/Dry Extractor - GAS 35L AFC 
  • System Accessories – GDE 68, GDE 18V- 16 


Be it demanding applications requiring high torque and robustness or working with small diameters in hard-to-reach places, Bosch Professional provides a wide variety of the right tools and accessories like Cordless Impact Wrench – GDS 18V - 1050 H, GDS 18V – 1000, GDS 18V – 400 and Cordless Drill/Driver - GSR 185 – LI for your construction work related applications. 

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