Save your Tools at Job Site with DeWALT Storage

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Save your Tools at Job Site with DeWALT Storage

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Using FLEXVOLT technology

A saw combines the power of a corded circular saw with the mobility and convenience of a cordless saw thanks to groundbreaking DeWALT FLEXVOLT technology. A Circular Saw with electric brake. With a no-load speed of 5800 RPM (Rotations Per Minute).,

Toolboxes have become a necessity as a worker requires access to more tools than he can hold in his hands while working in an area without a tool bench, such as on a ladder or hanging from a utility pole. And your tools will last longer if you store them in a toolbox. Your tools will not accumulate rust, grease, or dust if you store them. Moreover, your tools will last longer and function better if you take care of them. You can save money by taking care of your tools because you will not need to replace any that get damaged. 

Therefore, Dewalt brings you Tools Storage Spaces that offers a wide variety of tough and dependable options. Shop DEWALT's no-nonsense tool storage online from kpaul-tools. Here you should not miss the listed tools storage boxes. 

DWST60436 - ToughSystem® 2.0 Rolling Tower  

You can roll into the jobsite and complete the task with the help of the ToughSystem® 2.0 Rolling Tower, which unites all your favorite ToughSystem® 2.0 Storage products in one tower. The ToughSystem® 2.0 Toolbox, Extra Large Toolbox, and Rolling Toolbox on this rolling tower all have proprietary auto-connect side latches for one-handed use. Upgraded 2-piece metal front latches are included on each toolbox for more durability while securing items inside the box. These ToughSystem® 2.0 toolboxes have an IP65 rating and are resistant to water and dust. The ToughSystem® 2.0 Toolbox contains 2 big organizer cups with detachable dividers, and the Extra Large and Rolling have a removable inner tray. Each toolbox maximizes organization. Any ToughSystem® product is backwards compatible with the ToughSystem® 2.0 Rolling Tower. 

  • INCLUDES Toolbox, Extra Large Toolbox, and Rolling Toolbox 
  • ATTACH EASILY: Patented auto-connect side latches 
  • DURABLE: 2-piece metal front latches for added durability 
  • DUST AND WATER RESISTANCE with a IP65 rating 
  • SECURE: Metal reinforced padlock eye for added security 
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE with any ToughSystem® product 


(1) DWST08450 with removable tray 

(1) DWST08400 with removable tray 

(1) DWST08165 with 2 large organizer cups with removable dividers 


DWST08320 - ToughSystem® 2.0 Two-Drawer Unit 

With this ToughSystem® 2.0 Two-Drawer Unit, which is intended to provide easy access to your tools and accessories on the jobsite, you may customize your storage space while preserving efficiency. It has two large drawers that can safely store your tools and tool parts, and ball-bearing slides make moving the drawers easy. Use the unit's innovative side latches to quickly join it with other ToughSystem® modules to increase your storage capacity. 

  • PLENTY OF STORAGE SPACE to fit your tools and attachments with double deep drawers and a 22 lb. load capacity 
  • OPEN AND CLOSE DRAWERS WITH EASE: Ball-bearing metal slides allow for smooth drawer movement 
  • CUSTOMIZABLE STORAGE SOLUTION: Connect with other ToughSystem® units using the patented auto-connect side latches and quickly disconnect with one-touch release capability to use the unit on its own 
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: Compact module connectivity platform fits ToughSystem® 2.0 full-size/compact organizer cups and is designed to be compatible with any ToughSystem® or ToughSystem® 2.0 product 
  • CONVENIENT PORTABILITY with carrying side handles 

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