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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Klein Tools, Always Innovating?

KPaul is an authorized distributor of Klein Tools and since its beginning in 2005, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business in the United States of America. Klein Tools have come along way, Mathias Klein and his descendants to the fifth generation made it what it is today. With the passage of time, it has grown and developed along with the telecommunications and electrical industries where Klein pliers first found major usages.

DeWalt promises increased safety with Tools that are GUARANTEED TOUGH ®

Our partnership with Dewalt lets us bring all the yellow and black color scheme power tools, accessories, anchors, and concrete adhesives to our customers. We are in business since 2005 and our distributorship stretches within the boundaries of the United States of America. Dewalt continues to build and optimize expert worksite solutions with a focus on innovation and technology.

KPaul knows that Fein has a lot to offer

It all began back in 2005, we are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. Our partnership with Fein benefits all our customers as they get to buy the latest tools launched on the market at the best deals. We distribute products within the geographical boundaries of the United States of America.

General Tools that you cannot afford to miss keeping in the Toolbox

KPaul established in 2005, is a VA Certified SDVOSB providing all the supplies, tools, and innovative solutions you need to accomplish your job. We are one of the leading distributors of General Tools in the United States of America. General Tools has been a renowned innovator in the design and development of fine special equipment for almost a century.

Use the latest Makita tools at your job site

We have been distributing Makita Tools since our inception in 2005. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business, you are assisting America's Armed Services heroes. You give individuals who have given their all to the country despite becoming injured while on duty.

Use Bosch Tools and enjoy working at your Job Site

KPaul is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business, as partners with Bosch, we supply Bosch Power Tools in the continental USA. Gone are the days when people needed only Bosch Tools to carry on with their job. No doubt Bosch has improved itself, and the products that it manufactures have been improved to a great extent and realized that work gets better if the job site is more fun to be at. Therefore, they came up with Boombox Sound System.

Make a Big Difference with Your American-Made Chapman: An Overview

The Dynamic Partnership of KPaul and Spyder Tools

Makita Corporation

The motor was the impetus for everything almost a century ago. When Makita Corporation was founded in 1915, electric motors were its primary product. Today, Makita is a market innovator, creating products that are best in their class. The unmatched durability and quality of Makita products, which have won the respect of professional users all over the world, are made possible by the company's exceptional R&D skills. On job sites all throughout the world, Makita consistently provides the strength, efficiency, and durability that professional users require with smaller, less vibrating, and more comfortable tools. 

Timeline Series  

1915: The first power tool produced by Makita, a transportable electric planner, was introduced in 1958. With the release of a portable groove cutter later that year, Makita strengthened its position as a specialized producer of electric power tools. In 1962, a Makita electric drill and circular saw quickly followed. 

In 1978, Makita released its first 7.2V Cordless Drill following ten years of creation and testing to ensure excellence. With research and development, power and runtime were boosted, charging times were slashed, and tool life was extended. These characteristics would later come to characterize Makita cordless tools. By 1987, Makita had 15 distinct 7.2V cordless tools in its lineup, all of which utilized the same battery and charger. Ten tools comprised a 9.6V line-up. 

Early Production and Assembly: Even though Makita was a young business, it moved quickly to add mass production and assembly capabilities that could meet customer needs for high-quality goods. By the 1970s, Makita had built a solid production foundation that allowed for increased productivity and better quality control. In Buford, Georgia, Makita Corporation of America started producing and assembling tools in 1985. 

In 2004 Makita created the first brushless motor fastening tools for the aerospace and defense sectors. The Makita brushless motor was perfect for applications requiring precision assembly since it was designed for enhanced run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. In 2009, Makita introduced the first 18V brushless motor impact driver on the market, bringing this effective technology to contractors. 

2015: The forerunner to the 3-1/4" Planer, which is used on construction sites all over the world and was first introduced by Makita in 1958, was the original Portable Electric Planer, which was portable and electric. The engineering and design differences between these two planers amply illustrate Makita's continual innovation, which offers fresh, more effective approaches to meet the demands of ever-evolving job sites. 

2015 LXT® Reaches 100 Tools 

Since establishing the 18V Lithium-Ion category in 2005, Makita has developed the broadest selection of cordless tools available. These tools are powered by 18V slide-style batteries. The industry's fastest-charging 18V Lithium-Ion batteries power the 100th Makita 18V tool, which was released in 2015. The growing 18V lineup from Makita offers users of power tools greater performance, better ergonomics, and more options than ever before to unplug the cable. 

Buy Makita Online and grab the deals you have been searching for, we provide hassle-free deliveries to your doorstep within the United States of America. 



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