Klein Flashlights Brightens your Day at Job

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Klein Flashlights Brightens your Day at Job

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Artificial illumination has become a necessity more than ever during the winter when daylight hours are restricted. Fortunately, Klein Tools offers a wide choice of illumination items, each with a distinct characteristic to meet whatever situation you may find yourself in. Here is some of the lighting equipment we believe is best for you that can be bought to give your best shot at work. 

Rechargeable Laser Focus Flashlight 

This rechargeable focus torch has an LED light with a twist focus bezel as well as a class IIIA red laser to help you find out-of-reach items. The lithium-ion battery can operate for 12 hours at 125 lumens or 6 hours at 350 lumens, and a battery gauge alerts you when it is the time to charge via the micro-USB connection which comes along with it. The torch is also water and dust resistant to IP54, making it a long-lasting, dependable tool for active everyday usage. 

Magnetic LED Light with Telescoping Arm and Pickup Tool 

This gadget enables you to grab any steel tool or part that may have slipped out of reach. The telescoping arm reaches out to over two feet, and the gooseneck end allows you to reach into tight spaces. The LED emits a bright light, allowing you to readily locate your misplaced tool even in low-light conditions. 

LED Cap Visor Light 

An LED ideal for casual or business headgear. The curved metal flip easily attaches to the brim of a cap, headgear, or hard helmet. The pivoting light head provides for an illumination angle of up to 60 degrees, and the light can operate on low for up to 8 hours. It's also dust and water-resistant, with a drop resistance of 10 feet, so it won't shatter if it gets knocked around. 


Klein Tools offer a variety of headlamp types, all of which are designed to give the adaptability required by trade professionals. The headlamps have cleverly engineered brackets that fit directly to Klein Hard Hats, and some come with an adjustable cloth strap with silicone grip to keep the lamp securely attached to your head, hard hat, or cap. The headlamps, which come in a variety of brightness levels, have all-day runtimes and rechargeable batteries, so you can quickly plug it in at the end of your workday and be ready to go the next day. 

Personal Work light Rechargeable 

This multifunctional light magnetically stands, hooks, hangs, and mounts, making it handy all around a job site! The head revolves 360 degrees and the kickstand spins 270 degrees, giving you limitless light direction no matter where you position it. The light is weather and dust resistant, can endure a 6-foot drop, and can charge cellphones and other small devices through USB-A, making it even handier in your toolbox. 

Headlamps and Flashlights help you carry out your tasks much more easily at places where you cannot think of working without the presence of artificial lights as natural light do not reach everywhere.  Shop these online at competitive prices and enjoy working wherever you want without worrying about getting enough light. 



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