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Spyder scrapers make difficult, time consuming, labor intensive scraping tasks easy. Use the 2-in scraper for precision scraping and chiseling, popping tiles and removing thin set. Use the 4-in scraper for general scraping tasks, including removing linoleum flooring and mastics. Use the 6-in scraper for large surface area removal of softer materials like rubber backed carpets. For best results, hold the reciprocating saw at a shallow angle to the work surface to allow the scraper to glide across the work surface. Allow the blade to do the work - applying extra downward pressure may shorten tool life. Made in the USA.
  • 2-in width scraper for precision scraping and chiseling
  • Fits any reciprocating saw
  • Fits all reciprocating saws
  • Quenched and tempered high-carbon spring steel retains edge sharpness for added scraping durability
  • Re-sharpenable blade extends tool life
  • 2-In scraper provides accurate precision scraping and chiseling on tough materials
  • Fits all standard reciprocating saws
  • Blade can be re-sharpened


Spyder 138 Scraper 2" Packaged - With Barcode Printed On Back

Spyder 138 Scraper 2" Packaged - With Barcode Printed On Back


MPN : 138

SKU : kpt044-138


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