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Federal Stock # 5120-01-118-9776 5120-00-620-9333

Our famous stainless steel mini ratchet provides about 200 in lbs of torque with a 20 tooth gear and an 18 degree working arc.

  • Customers tell us that this "is the ratchet used to feed lube through a Lyman lube and sizer"
  • Two tone ratchets have a silver front (drive in) and a colored back (drive out) so it's easy to tell whether you're driving in or out
  • The painted halves are electroplated with the same wear resistant paint used on handcuffs

New! 4 Pack is great for lean manufacturing or 4 commonly used insert bits

  • Bright coatings are useful as they stand out if they're left in a machine/cluttered work bench (Materials and workmanship warranty applies, but does not cover scratches or gouges in the coating).

New! Flame treated ratchets!

  • This is how our ratchets were made in 1930's and 1940's. The Flame treating is purely cosmetic and makes each ratchet unique.


Chapman Mfg Cm-13 Famous Mini 1/4" Drive Ratchet-Silver

Chapman Mfg Cm-13 Famous Mini 1/4" Drive Ratchet-Silver


MPN : CM-13-Silver

SKU : kpt034-CM-13-Silver


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